Anderson ranch Reservoir

Anderson Ranch Reservoir is a large, picturesque reservoir located in southwestern Idaho, in the Boise National Forest. It is situated along the South Fork of the Boise River and is a popular recreational area known for its outdoor activities and natural beauty. Here are some key features and activities you can enjoy at Anderson Ranch Reservoir:

  1. Boating: The reservoir is a popular destination for boating and water sports. Visitors can enjoy motorized and non-motorized boating, as well as water skiing and jet skiing.

  2. Fishing: Anderson Ranch Reservoir offers excellent fishing opportunities. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee salmon, and smallmouth bass.

  3. Camping: There are several campgrounds around the reservoir, providing opportunities for both tent and RV camping. The campgrounds offer a range of facilities and amenities.

  4. Hiking: The surrounding area has hiking trails that offer scenic views and opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the region.

  5. Wildlife Viewing: Anderson Ranch Reservoir is a great place for observing wildlife, and it's known for a variety of bird species and other animals.

  6. Picnicking: There are picnic areas with tables and grills where visitors can enjoy a meal in a beautiful outdoor setting.

  7. Photography: The reservoir and its surroundings provide excellent photo opportunities for capturing the stunning landscapes and natural beauty of the area.

  8. Waterfront Recreation: Besides boating, you can also enjoy swimming and lounging on the shores of the reservoir during the warm months.

  9. Hunting: Hunting is permitted in the surrounding Boise National Forest, and the area is known for a variety of game species.

Please check the official website of the Boise National Forest or contact local authorities for the most up-to-date information on access, facilities, regulations, and any seasonal activities or events at Anderson Ranch Reservoir. It's a great place to enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate the beauty of the Idaho wilderness.