Firebird Raceway

Firebird Raceway is a popular motorsports and drag racing facility located near Eagle, Idaho, just a short drive from Boise. It is a well-known destination for motorsports enthusiasts and hosts a wide range of racing events throughout the year. Some of the key features and attractions at Firebird Raceway include:

  1. Drag Racing: Firebird Raceway is primarily known for its drag racing events. It features a quarter-mile dragstrip where racers compete in various categories, from professional to amateur, in a safe and controlled environment.

  2. Events: The raceway hosts a diverse lineup of events, including NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) races, bracket racing, nostalgia drag racing, and various special events like jet car exhibitions.

  3. Race Classes: There are different race classes and categories for both cars and motorcycles, accommodating a wide range of racing vehicles.

  4. Spectator Facilities: The raceway provides spectator seating, concessions, and other amenities for those who come to watch the races.

  5. Racing School: Firebird Raceway offers racing classes and schools for those interested in learning the ropes of drag racing.

  6. Car Shows: The facility also hosts car shows and other automotive-related events.

  7. Track Rentals: Firebird Raceway offers track rental opportunities for private events, corporate outings, and testing and tuning sessions.

Firebird Raceway is a popular destination for racing enthusiasts and offers a variety of activities and events for both participants and spectators. It's a great place to experience the excitement of drag racing in a safe and organized setting. For specific information on upcoming events, admission fees, and the race schedule, it's recommended to visit the official website of Firebird Raceway or contact them directly for the latest details.