Pasture Raised Turkeys

Commercially produced turkeys are typically grown in giant indoor warehouses. At High Prairie Acres, we take a different approach to raising turkeys. Our methods produce better tasting birds for your holiday meal.

From July to November, our crew cares for over 250+ turkeys that come to us as 2 day old poults. They will spend their first 4 to 5 weeks in a heated housing unit until they're old enough to regulate their body temperature on their own.

Turkeys Naturally Belong Outdoors

After their first month or so, the young turkeys are big enough to move outside but still too little to leave unprotected. They'll spend the next 3-4 weeks on our green pasture inside our portable coops, protected from predators while being moved onto fresh pasture every day. The nitrogen-rich manure from chicken and turkeys, provides a key component in building our soil fertility.

Once the turkeys become big enough to avoid an attack from an eagle, hawk or owl, they are put into our large fenced pastures where we frequently rotate them through our many pastures.

Turkeys naturally want to roost off the ground to protect themselves from predators, so we provide them with roosting houses. We also use our LGD, horses and cows as deterents from bobcats, coyotes, cougars and other 4 legged predators.